Where did the time go...


I can't believe already today Imaya is 9 weeks old. She is about 11 1/2 pounds already and getting quite heaving for me to carry around everywhere. I think it is time for me to go to the gym and lift weights before she gets any bigger because my weakling arms get tired very easily.
So far, Imaya sleeps pretty well through the night. Usually sleeping 5 hours at a stretch and then up for a bottle and 2 to 3 more hours. A couple times, once at home in ND and once this week, she slept 8 hours straight. Of course, that was with constant feeding a couple hours before bed time. She has become quite the night owl like me, usually going to bed around 10:30 pm. I like this much, much more than her being a morning lark!! If you know me, you know that I am NOT a morning person at all.
When we returned from ND, I put Imaya in her crib in her room. Before, she was sleeping in a bassinet beside my bed. So, she has graduated to the big bed in her own room. I am proud of myself because I was so nervous about letting her sleep in a different room. Would I hear her? Would she get stuck between the mattress and the crib? You know, usual mom worries. But I am proud to say that she is doing just great in her crib.
During a feedings, Imaya usually eats 4 ounces every 2 to 3 hours. Before bed, it is usually 6 ounces. Also, she is beginning to hold her hands near the bottle. A couple times she has been able to hold her own bottle, but it is usually short lived. At the beginning of each feeding, her hands are clenched together in a fist. At the end, when she is satisfied they are open. It is interesting to watch this during feedings.

I really believe that Imaya can now tell who her mommy and daddy are because when she sees or hears us she will light up and grin from ear to ear.

She began drooling and blowing bubbles this week. I always thought the drooling was during the teething period, guess that means that she will be getting teeth early.

I believe that Imaya is now more comfortable with baths. Since at home in ND, she has not cried during a bath like she used to. I believe this contributes to me putting a towel down for her to lay on in the tub and warmer water. The "hot" gauge that we use in the bath did not work for Imaya. The water got cold to fast and the screaming began. Once I realized that she liked the water a bit warmer bath time began to be a much more pleasant and enjoyable time for the both of us.

I also forgot to mention a few weeks ago, that Imaya will stand on her own bearing her own weight when you stand her up. I noticed this before we went to ND as I remember showing everyone how strong she was getting.

Our trip home to ND...


Imaya is now 6 weeks old and already flying home to ND. I have to say that I was really worried about the flight. I really didn't feel like having a screaming baby on a flight from Springfield to Minneapolis and then Minneapolis to Fargo. I had scheduled her feeding to be exactly about the time that we took off from Springfield. Unfortunately, we were delayed so little peanut was hungry. I started feeding her but didn't want the whole bottle to be gone by the time we took off because I knew the feeding would help her ears. We still had some bottle left and the take of went off with success. She slept the whole flight and we landed with no bottle or pacifier needed. The second flight was a bottle on the way up and nothing on the way down. She did so well. I was so proud of my little angel.

The first night in ND at Grandma and Grandpa Mac's house in Wahpeton, she scooted half way across the crib. When I woke up she had an arm hanging out the side of the crib. I was kind of frightened because there was a little space between the crib and the mattress that she could have wedged herself in. After that night, we had to wedge blankets in the side to protect her. What a little squirt. Already she is moving around! I guess I have to watch her that much closer now.

After the first couple days home I switched her formula from Enfamil Lipil to Parents choice with added starch (generic brand for Enfamil). This formula is for babies who spit up regularly. Imaya has recently begun spitting up more on the new formula than she did with breast milk. The first week she did really well with very little spit up. However, the second week and beyond she was back to the normal spit up routine. At her doctors appointment in the next couple weeks we will visit about possibly changing her formula to a soy-based or lactose free.

Also at this time, I noticed that Imaya stated developing baby achne randomly on her arms and legs as well as millia, which are tiny bumps that appeared all over her face. I hope it doesn't last to long!

After two nights we left Grandma and Grandpa Mac's house in Wahpeton and went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Elbert in Fargo. I have to say that I especially enjoyed our time in Wahpeton as it was so relaxing sitting out on the deck each day rocking Imaya to sleep while looking out at the golf course.

For sleeping arrangements at Mom's house, she had set up a pack and play for her to sleep in the living room. I was still too nervous to leave her alone sleeping in another room, so I slept in a recliner. To my surprise it was actually pretty comfortable.

The next day, auntie Michelle threw Imaya and I a shower at her house. Imaya got lots and lots of gifts and bonded with many new family and friends. Weston cooked some appetizers and brought them over for us...yummy!

The following night we attended another shower in our honor held in Kindred hosted by Joan Halland and Barb Spiekermeier. Again, Imaya received too many gifts and enjoyed being. I have a feeling that when we go home she is going to have a difficult time sleeping without someone holding her. If you can spoil a newborn, she is definitely being spoiled!

We also attended a shower for cousin Isabel and Everett. I joked that us three girls once were the life of the party. From cigarettes and beer to baby bottles. We might be mama's now, but we still got it! I love you girls!

We were able to enjoy 4 days at Cormorant Lake with Grandma and Grandpa Elbert. Unfortunately, the weather was cold most of the time. Saturday was the nicest and best day. All Imaya's cousins, Jackson, Gus, and Lillian, were able to come in addition her aunts and uncles, Chad, Shannon, Jeremy, and Donna, were able to spend some time with us at the lake as well. While we were home for the two weeks we went through 2 3/4 cans of formula, 180 wipes, and 100 diapers. I believe she gained close to 2 lbs as well. She left wearing newborn clothes and outgrew them the first week being home. So, now she is in 0-3 months, but I have a feeling that this size will be very short lived!

Imaya's awake time during the day has increased. Some days, she has been up four hours at a time. I am not sure if this is due to new surrounding or getting older, however, this time awake sure does wear me out! She definitely keeps me busy. During her awake times, I often put her in her bouncy chair and play music, sing songs, or just sit and talk away with me. Daddy likes to play music on his laptop before her night time bottle. Imaya isn't yet too fond of toys, but she does enjoy trying to grab onto the rings in her bouncy chair. She will find them and grip them so tight that her knuckles turn white. She is a strong one!

Since Imaya is a tummy sleeper she has been learning to push herself up quite early. I think at two weeks she was already trying to hold her head up. Therefore, now she is able to fully push herself up and have a little bit more control of her head. I used call her "bobble head" because she tried to hard to push herself up but her head was just too big for her arms to hold and her head would bobble uncontrollably everywhere. People can't believe how steady she is already holding her head up. She is going to be strong, just like her daddy.

Four times in ND, Imaya was on her stomach and rolled over to her back. The first time was a fluke, however. We were at grandma McDougall's and Imaya was on her stomach and I think her arm just gave out and she rolled over. Then, about a week later we were at Grandma and Grandpa Mac's house and she rolled over twice. "That's it", Grandpa Mac stated, "we are counting it." We chuckled because Nana (Great Grandma Ethel) said that the first one didn't count or that she wouldn't say that she rolled over. Imaya wanted to prove her wrong and she did!

This time at home, not only gave many friends and family time with Imaya. It also gave her the opportunity to bond with other adults other than her dad and I. In addition, to giving me a welcomed break from the hard work of practically being a single parent due to TJ's demanding schedule. Thank you everyone for everything. We miss you already and hope to see you soon.



Today, Imaya smiled for the first time. I have been patiently waiting for this moment and it finally arrived! It was so exciting to witness this event..my heart filled with joy. Unfortunately, daddy was at work and we are leaving soon for ND. Therefore, I don't think daddy will get to see it until we return =( Now, I will be patiently waiting to hear her first giggle. I have heard her quite a few times in her sleep, but never awake. Does she dream? If so, I wonder what she could possibly be giggling about?

Growth spurts and some firsts...


I thought yesterday would never end. Imaya seemed to be feeding every hour. Then when she got to sleep she would spit up waking herself up. I think she was up from 5pm to 12am with just a few naps here and there. I was absolutely exhausted and just irritable. I was so happy to see TJ come home and take her for awhile. What I realized today is that she was going through a growth spurt. All I needed to do was fed her more! Instead of eating 2 oz every two hours, she is now eating 3 oz. Now with her tummy full, she is sleeping again. Hallelujah!

This week was filled with a bunch of firsts. Imaya had her first smile while she was awake on August 6th. I was at El Jimador's restaurant waiting for a friend and she just looked up and me and smiled. My heart just melted. Also, Imaya is began to coo in addition to grunting quite a bit more than usual. She will make these sounds and then stop...almost like she is thinking, "was that me?" I can't wait for more firsts in the future...

5 weeks old


Well, we are unfortunately no longer breast feeding. Imaya began to be reluctant to take my breast after she had been given the bottle quite a bit over this last week. Therefore, I decided that the fighting with her to try and breast feed had ended. I wish someone would have told me how painful it is after you quit. Nothing can describe how painful it was! The last couple of days, she has spit up after almost every feeding. Therefore, I am experimenting with different positions and formulas.
Imaya's neck muscles are developing as she pushes up off of your chest when burping and pulls her head up and turns it from side to side for a short while. Also, last week she began tracking things with her eyes. If you put a toy in front of her face and move it from side to side her eyes will follow it. I am patiently waiting for that smile when she is awake. Have gotten some during her sleep...but that is probably gas!
Only a couple days away until Imaya and I head to ND. We are so excited and I know our friends and family are as equally excited. Looks like we will be having a shower on Aug 11th with my father's side of the family and Aug 12th on my mother's side. Hope to see you all there. See you soon!