Momma loves taking pics of Imaya in the sun!!


I love how beautiful these turned out. My favorites thus far!

An all day cousin afair...



A bridal shower for my cousin Samantha was held on April 3rd, 2010. All the girl cousins were in attendance, minus 2 (Tangy and Darcy). Not bad for the Halland crew. It was so nice outside that our babies were able to go outside and play. They were having so much fun that Jack starting crying when his playmates left :( I am so thankful for the family time we get with cousins. Some of my best memories of my childhood include my cousins. Love you guys...

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Aren't these just fabulous!? problem!


I didn't realize how Maya had gotten so good at going up the stairs. We went to Grandma Becky's one day and Maya went all the way up the stairs. Here is a preview of her progress with one step at Grandpa Mac's house. What I'm not ready for this!

First pictures of Imaya outside.


While we were in Missouri visiting Daddy, I decided to go outside for some pics. It was a little bit windy, so we needed to leave our jackets on. But who could resist taking pictures in Maya's beautiful lamb coat she got! It is just too precious. I love it even more after we washed it because it really looks like matted lamb skin...too cute!
I want to take a quick moment to point out Maya's cute, adorable eyebrows. It is so fun to watch her facial expressions. She is just like mommy, if she is mad, you will know by her eyebrows!



Maya loves her eating times.
Ever since Maya was a little baby she has enjoyed eating. It seems that she can't get enough food. I have had to learn how to distract her after her meal is completed so she doesn't cry. Usually at night, I will feed her half a container of veggies and half of desert. Yummy...momma loves part of the meal. Sometimes, there is no meal...just desert. Anyway, after the meal Maya will need to have her pacifier, eat some sweat potato or cheddar puffs, or play a game. Then, usually before bed Maya will have another three ounces of milk to drift her off to sleep. The other night when I was snuggling with her I hear her giggling. I wonder what babies dream of? Bottles and Cheese puffs? If we only knew!
Started eating pureed foods: 6 months
Started eating table food: 7 months
Started drinking from a sippy cup with help: 7 1/2 months
Figured out how to drink out of sippy cup by herself: 8 months
Sat in high chair at restaurant: 8 months
Used high chair at home: 6 months

I don't know how I missed it...

The other day I realized that Maya has been pushing herself up to a sitting position. I remember awhile back when she still had her arm propping her up...but I guess I missed when she officially was able to sit up herself. There are so many moments that I guess I just missed that, I have been camera crazy lately so I don't miss anymore!!
Maya loves to look out the window. Since it has been so nice the last couple of nights, Maya has been looking out the patio door watching all the kids ride their bikes back and forth. I should have taken her outside today but by the time groceries were put away it was time to start settling down. Can't wait until the weekend so we can go for a walk!

This evening the fun event was the kitchen...yeah! Not exactly sure how you keep kids out of cupboards that don't have handles. Maybe I'll have to look into that one!
Maya is almost 9 months old. OMG...where did the time go. She is a lot more chatty now than a month ago. dadadada is her favorite. I'm trying mamamam...but that doesn't come out quite so easily. I have noticed that if you say ya, she will usually respond with something that sort of sounds like ya. It is kind of cute because recently her big cousin Jackson has starting saying ya. Not sure that his momma is too excited about this as you hear yes, Jackson, yes shortly following the "ya." Too cute. Big cousin Jackson has become Maya's best buddy. Jackson started attending daycare with Maya and second cousin Nolan and Grady about a month ago. I like to think that Jackson is Maya's bodyguard at daycare. I do have to say how cool it is that Maya goes to daycare with her cousins. Something that I never got to do...jealous. Who wants to sit and play with cousins all!!