Some Bunny says, "Happy Halloween!"


Our little precious Imaya was a bunny for Halloween. I found this cute bunny outfit from a lady that makes these cute little costumes. The looped yarn was just too darn cute...I just couldn't resist. I had to talk Daddy into it because he wanted his little girl to be a ladybug. I guess I better find the cutest ladybug outfit for next year.

The morning, Imaya and I spent the day at home preparing for the big evening. Early evening we headed over to see cousin Jack. He was so cute in his monkey outfit. We then headed for the mall for a night of trick or treating. What a great day! The only thing that could have made the day better would have been to share it with daddy...

A good bill of health reported by Dr. Blehm


Imaya had her first doctors appointment with her new doctor, Dr. Blehm. Dr. Blehm was recommended by Grandma Becky. I have to say that he is a great doctor and we will not be leaving him anytime soon. He reported that Imaya is healthy as can be. Nothing to worry about. Prior to the appointment, Grandma Becky was worried about her little granddaugther. She was concerned that Imaya wasn't gaining enough weight, spitting up too much, and excreting too much urine. We asked Dr. Blehm all of the above questions and he wasn't worried a bit.

Imaya is 24.37 inches long, which falls into the 64th percentile.

Imaya is 13.11 pounds, which falls under the 60th percentile.

What I found interesting is that her head circumference is 15.5 inches. Interestingly, it is in the 13th percentile. I guess she got that gene from me, as I am still wearing children's hat. Though small, I got a lot of brains in there packed like

Imaya also received 2 shots and another vaccination orally. Did she cry...nope, she screamed after the shots were administered. She was pretty much fussy the rest of the day. I could barely touch her legs when changing her it hurt her so bad. Poor thing. We went over to Nana's afterwords so she could snuggle with Nana to feel better.

Is it normal?


Is it normal that I took pictures of Imaya being changed by her daddy?

I got an email this week that listed the top 30 questions that a mother asks about her child. These are top questions I have had over the last few months...

Is it normal that my baby has hiccups frequently?
Is it normal that my baby sneezes frequently?
Is it normal that my baby has stinky feet?
Is it normal that my baby spits up a lot after every feeding?
Is it normal that my baby scowls frequently?
Is it normal if my baby doesn't gain a lot of weight one month?
Is it normal that my baby's hands and feet are almost always cold?
Is it normal that my baby will not sleep on her back?
Is it normal that my baby has to be held for a nap?
Is it normal that people think my baby is a boy? it normal?


Imaya is 16 weeks old today. She is getting so big and changing so much:
o The last three weeks she started drooling and chewing on her fingers and tries to eat anything she can get a hold of. I have a feeling that we will see some teeth soon.
o She definatly knows who her mommy is because she will follow me all around the room, look up to find me when she hears my voice, and moves her arms and hand when I am about to pick her up.

o She will swat and try to grab onto an object that you hold infront of her.

o She definately likes to bed held during her day naps. Only a few times have I been able to put her down in her crib for a long nap (> 15 minutes).
o Imaya sleeps an average of 10 to 12 hours at night, however, she does go to bed very late. This last week she has been falling asleep about 10:00 to 11:00 pm. I would like to contribute this to a before bed ritual that I recently started, but unfortunately I don't think it has anything to do with it.

o We are now up to 5oz
Boy how life changes. Our little peanut is growing up so fast. Where does the time go. Before I know it she will be eating foods, talking, and walking around. I am not sure I am ready for her to grow up and not want to cuddle with mommy anymore =(