Family gathers to cope with the loss...


All of our family gathered to have the support of loved ones during this difficult time. I flew home Friday, Jan 23rd to be with them as well. As you can see that some of the focus was on little Jackson Mac. He was the light when so many of us felt lost and broken. We spend many hours reminiscing about Dale and his life. He left us with so many great stories. We heard from high school friends, college buddies, old girlfriends, the other side of the family and, of course, our own memories. The week was filled with much laughter and tears. It was hard to say goodbye, but during this process I realized how I needed to be more like Dale. I started to evaluate my life, relationships and more. It was so inspiring to see how many people he had touched throughout his life. I hope that throughout my life I can tough half as many as he did.

I flew back home to Missouri on the 28 th of January. I couldn't believe it, but for once Missouri had weather wore than ND!! How could that be? Dad warned me on my way home that I might run into some bad weather...but I wasn't prepared for what I would find. I walked outside the airport and it was a nice 20 degrees with a little snow on the ground. OK, I can deal with this. Well, little did I know that there were layers and layers of ice underneath that snow. After 30 minutes of warming up my car, I was still unable to scrape off the ice. It was so thick!! Finally, I was able to uncover my snowball and drive back. It turns out that we had a massive ice storm that lasted three days, Tuesday being the last of it. I guess we didn't have work Monday afternoon or on Tuesday. Wednesday we went to work 2 hours late to give the snow plows enough time to clear the roads. Boy was I glad to get home in bed after that mess!!

RIP uncle dale...we will miss you


One person was killed and another remains in critical condition following a two-car head-on collision near here late Wednesday afternoon.

Robert L. McGrath, 49, of Minneapolis was airlifted to Innovis Health Center in Fargo, N.D., where he was listed in critical condition Wednesday night with compound fractures, the Minnesota State Patrol said.

The victim killed in the crash was also airlifted to Innovis Health Center, the State Patrol said, but will not release information about the victim until noon today, pending notification of relatives.
The victim was driving a 1994 GMC Sierra west on state Highway 34 while McGrath was driving a 1998 Chevrolet GMT-400 club cab pickup east on Highway 34 in the westbound land when the two vehicles collided, the State Patrol said.

The crash occurred about 4 p.m. on Highway 34 east of Nevis on wet pavement. The State Patrol said McGrath was not wearing a seat belt and that alcohol was detected.
The Hubbard County Sheriff 's assisted, the State Patrol said, as traffic had to be diverted.

Beyond genes has been created...


TJ and I want you all to continue to be a part of our lives though many miles seperate us. I figured a blog would be the best way for us to keep you up-to-date. Our ups and downs, monthly appointments, baby bump pictures, and eventually our peanut's progress will be documented for you to see. This will also be a keepsake for us to keep for our precious little peanut. I hope that reading this will put a smile on your face =)

My first belly pics...


We will keep this G rated! Obviously, I have a long way to go...but I wasn't too upset how they turned out. BTW...Michelle, did I give you a release for these photos? ha ha, j/k. I'm not there yet, but I do love these photos! Some of my favorites thus far.